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Most recent listings on BB List Film & Broadcast :

Audio Developments AD256 mixer 8 into 2 with Digital OP mod
3500.00 GBP For Sale
Audio Limited RMS 2040 kit
2500.00 USD For Sale
Sony NP1 Charger BC-1WD
40.00 GBP For Sale
Rode NTG 3 with Rycote blimp
600.00 GBP For Sale
Sachtler Heavy Duty Tripod and Head. Used. Good condition.
1100.00 GBP For Sale
White Tram TR50 Microphone
120.00 GBP For Sale
Tascam DA-P1 portable DAT recorder
100.00 GBP For Sale
4 x Tram TR50 lavalier mics
200.00 GBP For Sale
Manfrotto 521p Zoom Contr
65.00 GBP For Sale
2 x Audio Ltd 2020 radio transmitter/receivers Ch69
300.00 GBP For Sale
Sound Curtains
250.00 GBP For Sale
Thunderbay 4 mini Thunderbolt 2 with 4x 1GB Samsung SSDs
400.00 GBP For Sale
2 microphones Schoeps CMC6 + MK40 avec les accessoires de fi
2000.00 EURO For Sale
Ceinture belt for radio mics
65.00 EURO For Sale
Phone Sennheiser HD25
80.00 EURO For Sale
MS Shootgun Microphone kit
1200.00 EURO For Sale
Shoeps CMC microphone Omni kit
900.00 EURO For Sale
Wireless Sennheiser kit
600.00 EURO For Sale
Perche boom K-tek
200.00 EURO For Sale
Perche boom K-tek
300.00 EURO For Sale
Wireless Lectrosonics SRb SMQV kit with Sanken Cos 11
4000.00 EURO For Sale
Sony camcorder HDW-750p
1500.00 GBP For Sale
Sony PMW 400
0.00 GBP Wanted
Sony PMW 400
0.00 GBP Wanted
AKG CK91 (cardioid) and extension cable
40.00 GBP For Sale
LYNX 5000 HDSDI Complete HDSDI Down Converter Frame
450.00 GBP For Sale
Canon J11a X 4.5 B4 2/3 IFXS DD IASD Wide Angle Lens
600.00 GBP For Sale
Tandberg EN-5990 HD/MPEG-4 Encoder
475.00 GBP For Sale
Sonifex Net-Log Network Audio Logger (2TB Drive)
300.00 GBP For Sale
Miranda Densite 2 Frame with 1x XVP-1801/DAP-1781 Cards
120.00 GBP For Sale
2x Barco ADVM-10 10inch CRT SDI Video Monitor Rack
200.00 GBP For Sale
LYNX 5000 HDSDI Complete Video Distribution/Converter Rack
400.00 GBP For Sale
Sierra Video/Kramer MV-XX MultiViewer frame with 20 inputs
450.00 GBP For Sale
Miranda Densite 2 Frame with 4x 3G HDA-1911 DA Cards
300.00 GBP For Sale
Grass Valley LDK-6000 HD Triax Studio/OB Camera
680.00 GBP For Sale
Hague D9 Table Top Dolly with Case
140.00 GBP For Sale
Softel HD/SD VFLEX Data Inserter System
150.00 GBP For Sale
Kramer VS-H81H 8x1 HDMI Switcher Rack
55.00 GBP For Sale
Fostex 4010 Timecode Generator/Reader Rack
125.00 GBP For Sale
LYNX 5000 HDSDI Complete Video Distribution Amplifier Rack
450.00 GBP For Sale