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Most recent listings on BB List Film & Broadcast :

Bel Audio 7150 Audio Delay/Synchroniser Rack
20.00 GBP For Sale
20x Image 360 HD/3G Video Bnc-BNC reel (3 Metres Length)
20.00 GBP For Sale
Canon WA-H82 0.8x Wide Angle Lens Adapter
25.00 GBP For Sale
Dexel Fluorescent LFS-2/55 Fluo Soft Studio light(Dimmer )
25.00 GBP For Sale
60.00 GBP For Sale
SOUND DEVICES 552 - 5 Channel Audio Location Recorder/Mixer
750.00 GBP For Sale
Recording Set Up
1700.00 GBP For Sale
Evertz Topaz 16x16 HDSDI video router plus PSU
120.00 GBP For Sale
Blackmagic HD audio monitoring unit (Working Order)
260.00 GBP For Sale
Peli 1550 Grey Protector Flight Case
40.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser Ew300 IEM receiver
110.00 GBP For Sale
Custom made Bebop lighting case
95.00 GBP For Sale
sennheiser ew 100 g3 transmitter and receiver
280.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser ew 300 G3 plug on transmitter
220.00 GBP For Sale
3x Bi colour soft light LED kit with stands and case
450.00 GBP For Sale
OSEE RMS9024 Twin 9inch HDSDI Monitor Rack+ PSU
20.00 GBP For Sale
2x Marshall LCD Monitor Composite Racks
15.00 GBP For Sale
Beyerdynamic DT-109 Camera Headphones with mic
25.00 GBP For Sale
Sony CCU-TX50P SD Triax Lemo CCU (workng)
20.00 GBP For Sale
Hawkwoods Reel Power 26V V mount Batteries + extras
1900.00 GBP For Sale
Arrisun HMI cased with filters/scrims ballast & new bulb
950.00 GBP For Sale
Libec tripod with TH-650 DV head and quick release plate.
80.00 GBP For Sale
Vinten Pro Touch PT525 Tripod legs
150.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser Audio Transmitter and Receiver
200.00 GBP For Sale
Optex Colcine 2x range extender for super 16mm
600.00 GBP For Sale
Canon/Optex 10.5-210mm f2.4 zoom lens PL mount
4300.00 GBP For Sale
TecPro Felloni Lighting Kit
500.00 GBP For Sale
5x Sony UTX-B2 Pocket Radio mic Transmitters
30.00 GBP For Sale
Miranda 16x16 HDSDI video Router with PSU+CP16
220.00 GBP For Sale
Audio Mixer Sound Service
200.00 GBP For Sale
Camera Sony PMW500 & Canon lens 6.2-106HD
5000.00 GBP For Sale
Decimator Quad 3G HDSDI multiviewer plus PSU
200.00 GBP For Sale
Panasonic au-EVA1 5.7K S35mm camera (EXC COND - SERVICED)
1895.00 GBP For Sale
Marshall Electronics V-R82P-SDI 8.4" Dual SDI LCD Monit
20.00 GBP For Sale
Ear Plug/Earplug 2 Audio Tester
50.00 GBP Wanted
Marshall V-53P-SDI triple LCD Monitor Rack + PSU
20.00 GBP For Sale
Lectrosonics IFB system Block 29
2250.00 EURO For Sale
IDX CW-5HD TX/RX Cam Wave HDSDI system
165.00 GBP For Sale
Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio 2 HD Recorder SSD
450.00 GBP For Sale
TSL AMU SDI Audio Monitoring Rack (2u)
200.00 GBP For Sale