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Most recent listings on BB List Film & Broadcast :

Arri 416 Film Camera
1.00 USD Wanted
Zaxcom ZFR 300
700.00 EURO For Sale
Arri Arrilite 300w fresnel & 2 600w open face lighting kit
325.00 GBP For Sale
Ronford Alu Long Tripod Legs with Mitchellbase from Sachtler
550.00 GBP For Sale
Trantec, Micron etc radio mic collection
95.00 GBP For Sale
Icom marine band radio monitor .
29.00 GBP For Sale
Wisycom MTP40S x2 Pocket Transmitters
1700.00 GBP For Sale
1000.00 GBP For Sale
Genelec 1032 Studio Monitors PAIR
2250.00 GBP For Sale
Tiffen G50x steadicam arm
4250.00 GBP For Sale
Cooke 10-30mm T1.6 S-16mm Zoom
2800.00 EURO Wanted
Dedolight DLH4 24 volt Kit 3 x Dedo lighting kit
1850.00 GBP For Sale
Sola 6
450.00 GBP For Sale
Cineo Maverick Gold Mount
400.00 GBP For Sale
Aladdin 4
1750.00 GBP For Sale
Joker Bug2 800 Kit
4750.00 GBP For Sale
Litemat 1(S1)
400.00 GBP For Sale
Dji Inspire 2 remote
400.00 GBP For Sale
K TEK K251 Boom
420.00 GBP For Sale
Tiffen 0.9 SE grad
250.00 GBP For Sale
Rycote Modular windsheild kit 4
275.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser EW 112 G3
300.00 GBP For Sale
Matthews Dullti Dolly Full Kit
2500.00 GBP For Sale
Action Products RED Electra Scarlet/Epic Gold Mount
1000.00 EURO For Sale
Drone Phantom 4
400.00 EURO For Sale
Sennheiser ew100 G3 Radio Mic
310.00 GBP For Sale
Marrantz PMD 661 Digital Recorder
165.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser EK 3241
80.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser SK50 UHF Wireless Bodypack Transmitter.
45.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser SK250-UHF Body Pack Transmitter.
60.00 GBP For Sale
Schoeps cmit 5U/Ambient emesser (2nd gen) MS stereo mic rig
1750.00 GBP For Sale
Sony JH3
1750.00 GBP For Sale
Sony JH3
2200.00 GBP For Sale
Sony VO 9800 P - U-Matic Machine
5750.00 GBP For Sale
DEDOLIGHT universal 4 X DHL4 including DT12-4
999.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser Mic 416 P48 Grip & Softie and foam
595.00 GBP For Sale
Dedolight DH2 DH-2 Universal Holder Mount Plate X 4
50.00 GBP For Sale
Manfrotto Avenger F1000 Pump Cup w/ Swivel.
25.00 GBP For Sale
Red Digital Cinema Scarlet MX Bundle
5000.00 GBP For Sale
Audio Ltd DX 2040 Transmitter
150.00 GBP For Sale