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Most recent listings on BB List Film & Broadcast :

Peli 1495 Case - Well Used. (Case 3)
27.00 GBP For Sale
Micron SDR770 Receiver + TX700 Transmitter (851-861MHz)
300.00 GBP For Sale
Rycote Cyclone Windshield - Large
350.00 GBP For Sale
CANON C300 Mk2
3500.00 GBP For Sale
8ft x 8ft modular frame, Avenger Manfrotto
350.00 GBP Wanted
Arri 650
210.00 GBP For Sale
Stageline PA amp
25.00 GBP For Sale
dpm lavalier type microphone 4061-BM
100.00 GBP For Sale
Prospect Electronics C1MB IFB Amp & Ear Piece
160.00 EURO For Sale
100.00 GBP Wanted
Sony BVM monitor service manuals
60.00 GBP For Sale
Canon CN7 17-120mm
14000.00 GBP For Sale
475.00 GBP For Sale
Sony HDVF-20A HD Camera Viewfinder
450.00 GBP For Sale
Hamlet Portable Multi Format Flexiscope
200.00 GBP For Sale
Fujinon A18x7.6BERM-M48
1400.00 USD For Sale
Sennheiser MKH8070
1050.00 EURO For Sale
Sennheiser 416 T-Powered & Rycote suspension kit.
500.00 GBP For Sale
Peli 1610 Flight Case
125.00 GBP For Sale
4000.00 GBP For Sale
168mm Scrims/Scrim Sets for Arri 650 fresnel
60.00 GBP Wanted
Sound Devices 664
3250.00 GBP For Sale
Autocue 15" Starter Series with custom foam carry case
1500.00 GBP For Sale
Freefly Movi Pro - Handheld Bundle, Bush Pilot & Case
4500.00 GBP For Sale
Sony PMW-EX1
895.00 GBP For Sale
Studio lighting kit
150.00 GBP For Sale
Hand painted canvas backdrop by Gravity 2.1x2.8m
75.00 GBP For Sale
Sound Cart / Flight Case
450.00 GBP For Sale
Canon EOS C300 EF Mark 1
1595.00 GBP For Sale
Beyerdynamic M 58 Reporters Mic
120.00 EURO For Sale
Versaflex BHS2 Harness
70.00 EURO For Sale
Ambient Quicklok
70.00 EURO For Sale
Sanken Cos 11 - Lectrosonics - 4
220.00 EURO For Sale
DPA 4071 HD - Lectrosonics
330.00 EURO For Sale
Tentacle Sync - 1st Gen & Cables
150.00 EURO For Sale
Sanken CS3e Shotgun Mic
700.00 EURO For Sale
Audio Ltd DA - RF Amp Distro & Cables
450.00 EURO For Sale
Betso Sharkies - Kit
700.00 EURO For Sale
Sound Devices 633 Bundle - Ktek Bag, Cards, TC and Output Ca
1900.00 EURO For Sale
Lectrosonics Kit - SRB5p (606), 2 x SMB (606) & Cables
2200.00 EURO For Sale