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 Terms and Conditions of Business

No stock or equipment referred to is held by BB List Ltd or its administrator. All the equipment advertised is owned and held by other persons. Acceptance of any entry to the BB List Ltd database does not guarantee a sale or provision of any item, and no responsibility will be accepted by BB List Ltd or its administrator for the failure of, or for, an unsuccessful transaction resulting from an introduction by BB List Ltd or its administrator, whichever the case may be.

An advertisement placed in this list is deemed to be acceptance of
these Terms and Conditions of Business and the Sales Agency Agreement

Buyers are also bound to the Terms and Conditions of Business and the Conditions of Sale

  1. BB List Ltd (otherwise known as BB List) reserves the right not to accept or publish any listing for whatever reason. Where a listing is accepted, BB List reserves the right to amend or alter that listing. BB List reserves the right to withdraw a listing at any time for any reason.
  2. Those listings accepted by BB List will normally be published on the BB List Web Site.
  3. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all listings in the Web Site, publication is made in good faith and reliant solely upon information given by the advertisers. Therefore BB List cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions should they occur. Neither can BB List be held responsible for the condition or suitability of the said listed items.
  4. No item is to be offered for sale unless the Vendor has full ownership rights to the item, there are no claims or monies outstanding on the item, and no third party has any title, right, or claim to the item. The Vendor further guarantees that he or she is absolutely free to sell or otherwise dispose of the item being offered for sale.
  5. A commission will be charged to the Vendor, at the prevailing published rates and calculated on the ex-VAT sale price, on each and every listed item sold through BB List. The commission shall usually be payable in Sterling (GBP) only and calculated on the Sterling (GBP) equivalents of the sale value, on day of the sale, of the item or items sold. However, should the transaction be in Euros or USD then the commission will be calculated likewise in Euros or USD. Any commission due will be payable immediately on receipt of an invoice from BB List and be subject to UK VAT when this is applicable or,  the commission will be deducted from any payments due to the seller on completion of the sale.
  6. A seller will also be charged commission on the sale of all items not advertised on the list but sold to that Purchaser as a result of an introduction by BB List. Commission will also be charged on each and any subsequent transaction between the two parties within a period of twelve months commencing from the date of the initial transaction.
  7. Where an advertiser is acting as an authorised agent on behalf of the seller, where the seller defaults, that advertiser will be liable for the payment of any commission that may become due to BB List. The advertiser will be liable as though he or she is the seller.
  8. Sellers, or their agents, must inform BB List immediately they no longer want to sell the item, or have sold the item elsewhere or otherwise disposed of any item listed with BB List. This is done by logging on to my.BB and cancelling the listing.
  9. Buyers, or their agents, must inform BB List immediately they buy any item advertised with BB List or any other item from a seller, as a result of an introduction by BB List.
  10. Advertisers, or their agents, in the Wanted section of the List must inform BB List immediately they locate the wanted item elsewhere or decide they no longer require the item or items listed. This is done by logging on to my.BB and cancelling the listing.
  11. An administrative fee of £10 will be charged should there be a contravention of Clause 8, or Clause 9, or Clause 10.
  12. Unless they expressly state otherwise all advertisers authorise BB List to reveal to a prospective buyer or prospective seller only, their name, telephone number, e-mail address, verbally, or in writing, or by letter, or by e-mail, or by automated process at the Internet Web Site. However, BB List will always ask permission before divulging contact details to any other third party. To protect advertisers, contact details will not be directly published on the internet Web Site or published elsewhere.
  13. BB List reserves the right to withhold the name, telephone number or email address of any advertiser from any enquirer.
  14. You agree that the BB List website may store web browser cookies for the length of your session on the BB List website. The cookies provide basic functionality to allow you to login to the website and some other simple functions (usually browser redirection back to last item, last search). BB List cookies are not transmitted to third party websites.
  15. You agree also that the BB List website uses Google Analytics cookies, to track your use of the BB List website. Neither BB List nor Google can identify you from these cookies and the data collected is anonymous. The information gathered is solely used by us to provide us with a better overall understanding of how the website is used.