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26 Mehefin 2024

These are today's most popular equipment categories on BB List:
Audio Radio MicrophonesAudio MicrophonesVideo Cameras - HDAudio RecordersAudio Location Mixers
LightingCases And BagsVideo CamerasTripodsVideo Monitors
Lenses VideoLensesVideo DistributionAudio MiscellaneousBatteries And Chargers
Lenses FilmMiscellaneousVideo Recorders And PlayersFilm MiscellaneousVideo Cameras - Dvcam/dvcpro
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BB List Tips (Useful bookmarks)

Following is a list of useful pages on our website that you might want to bookmark to help you get about doing business on our website.

You may also find our short  video tutorials worth watching because they are designed to help you get the most from your experience of using our web site. You can go to our Video Channel or find the videos on our YouTube Channel or on our Vimeo Channel

These are some of the most common questions we are asked

My Details -

Here you will find your contact details, your financial and VAT details.
You will be able to edit and amend the details here also.
You will also find your address book here. You will need to address book for setting delivery and collection addresses.

Live Listings -

If you are selling, this is where you will find your current live listings.
From this page you are able to directly edit a listing or cancel the listing.
You can also suspend all live listings should you be away from home for a period and unable to deal with enquiries.
By clicking on any of your listings you will also be able to see a list of the enquiries regarding that listing. 

Favourites -

These work exactly like bookmarks. At any time when browsing equipment you can add a listing to your Favourites by clicking on the small 'heart' icon in search results, or by clicking on the words 'Add to My Favourites' when viewing the item.

Submit a Listing -

To Sell or to submit a Wanted listing, follow our simple step by step process to submit a listing.

Messages -

A copy of all messages sent and received can be found here.
First the enquiries made on your listings, and secondly the enquiries you have started.
Unread messages will be highlighted until you read the thread.
Each thread is clearly identified by a unique number. You will also see, when you open a thread, that the enquirer is identified by Enquirer 1 or Enquirer 2 or Enquirer 3, etc.
You can also archive messages to de-clutter your messaging system 

Transactions -

Here you will find a list of all your open transactions. Buying or Selling.
Each transaction is clearly identified by a unique number.
Buyers and sellers can download a copy of the shipping instructions. 
The seller can enter the tracking details for any shipment and the buyer or seller can mark the shipment delivered.
If you are the seller, and we are waiting for a copy sales invoice, you can upload it here.
Subsequently buyers or sellers can then download a copy of the sales invoice at any time in the future. 
This is an important page for your bookmarks if you have any sales or purchases set up.

Your Account -

This is your client account summary.
Here you will see the current status of your client account, tell us you have deposited funds, or request withdrawal of surplus funds after you have completed a sale.

You can find the financial history of your BB List transactions here, and within each transaction you can obtain a copy of Vendor's sales invoices, and, if you are a seller, you can also download BB List commission invoices.

Searching the database needs re-writing sorry

Our search engine now behaves in the same way as most other major search engines.
"stereo mic" - terms in quotes will match the exact phrase
+surround +microphone -sennheiser will return all items that match both surround and microphone but NOT sennheiser, items which include the word Sennheiser will be excluded from the search results.
This type of searching is called boolean searching, it can be very productive and provide more targeted search results, but it has one major failing, it ignores words of three letters and less... if you search for a word of three letters or less the old search engine will be used automatically to allow you to find items such as DPA, PAG etc. Nothing is simple in life!

Any other questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages.