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The BB List Payment Protection Service explained and de-mystified.

This film talks through the process of using the BB List Payment Protection Service and how it protects you!

View on YouTube - Vimeo

Our Payment Protection Service, covers ALL sales and purchases made through BB List without exception. This is to prevent fraud and to protect you! Money is deposited in your account with BB List as the trusted third party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a transaction.

Buying at a distance raises the concern about sending money, cash or a cheque, to an unknown person in the hope that they will send you the item you wish to buy. Another concern is that when the item arrives it may not be the advertised item or in the condition described.

The vendor’s dilemma is whether or not to send the goods to an unknown buyer before receiving payment. BB List resolves those problems for both buyer and seller by providing our unique Payment Protection Service. Any item listed in the web site database can only be sold or purchased in confidence by using the Payment Protection Service provided by BB List.

A sale via BB List is effectively a five stage process

  • A deal agreed
  • The buyer places funds into his BB List account.
  • The goods are shipped from the seller to the buyer.
  • The buyer has 24 hours to examine the goods to ensure that it is as described by the selle.
  • The sale is completed and funds transferred from the buyer to the seller's BB List account.

Payment for any item will be held in BB List's ring-fenced Clients' account. When the payment has been cleared, in full, by the bank, and not before, BB List will request that the item is shipped to the buyer.

Buyers can pay directly into BB List Client Account by Electronic Transfer. All payments must be in the currency of the listed item; that is, pounds sterling, Euro or USD.  We cannot accept payment by credit or debit card (it is not us that is selling the goods).

Our Payment Protection Service gives sellers greater confidence in selling at a distance because they know they will receive payment from BB List on a succesful sale. Buyers can be confident that they will receive the goods, and with some guarantee that the condition will be as stated by the seller. It must be emphasised that the contract of sale/purchase is between the buyer and seller and not with BB List. BB List does not own or see any of the items advertised on our web site.

The Payment Protection Service provided by BB List, is free to those buying or selling any item listed on BB List's web site. Our Payment Protection Service will be used for all sales through BB List, even when the buyer and seller meet so that the buyer can inspect the kit prior to buying.

Only carriers (shipping companies) or postal services which offer the facility to track items via the Internet, should be used. This tracking facility will enable BB List, the buyer, and the seller, to know the time and date when the item was shipped, where it is in transit and, importantly, the delivery time and place. The buyer is advised, on delivery of an item, not to accept or sign for any package that is damaged. By doing so, this could invalidate any insurance claim.

Unless otherwise agreed by the seller, shipping charges and insurance will be paid by the buyer.

The buyer will be given 24 hours maximum, after delivery, in which to examine the item. If all is well, the seller will then be paid.

Should the item not be as described in the on-line description, or not functioning if it was sold as a functioning item, the seller and BB List must be informed through the messaging system that there is a problem. If the item is to be returned to the seller it must be returned, preferably by the same carrier used to ship the item, and collected by that carrier within 48 hours of delivery. It should be tracked and insured.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to carefully pack the item so the item does not incur any damage during transit. The seller is allowed up to 24 hours after delivery in which to check the item has not been tampered with or opened by the buyer, without permission, and is seemingly in the condition prior to despatch by the seller.
If the item is not returned by the buyer, within the 48 hour period, after delivery, it is deemed that the buyer is satisfied and the seller will be immediately paid by BB List, less any commission and any other charges and VAT, where this is applicable.

Please note

 Payments in foreign currencies.  Banks charge for making cross border currency transactions. Banks also charge for currency conversion. The rates vary each day.  You will need to check with your bank what it will cost you to send or receive a foreign payment. Where possible we would advise buyer's to use to make payments. It is cheaper and quicker than making a normal international bank transfer.

If TransferWise.Com is suitable for a transaction BB List staff will send a message inviting the buyer to send funds to their account using TransferWise - if in dount, check first.

When a buyer makes an international bank transfer, even though the buyer has instructed their bank that they will pay all charges, there are some circumstances when our bank will also charge us to receive a deposit. For example, we can be charged either 6GBP, 10GBP or even 20GBP to receive a foreign payment. We are only aware of such a charge when the payment has been received. Unfortunately this fee will become payable by the seller. After all, you would have to pay this charge if the deposit went directly into your own bank account.

When we make payments to overseas sellers our bank charges 15GBP for a SEPA payment and 25GBP for a standard payment, to transmit funds. Of course, we have to pass these charges on to the beneficiary. However, where possible, we use to make the payment to reduce these fees considerably if not completely.

Should BB List have to return funds, funds will always be returned in the currency received, that is, GBP, Euro or US Dollar, and converted by the beneficiary's bank.  This could result in a loss of the amount sent to us if the payment is converted from one currency to another and then back to the sender's currency. There will also be the normal bank charges which are determined by the currency in which the payment is made. Where payments made in GBP or USD to non British bank accounts, our bank charges 25GBP for each and every transaction. Where payment is made in Euros from our Euro bank account there may be a nominal bank charge. These, and all other bank charges will be paid by the beneficiary. However, where possible we will make the payment via so as to save the client money.