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- ITEM 71162, Carl Zeiss C Biogon T* 4,5/21 ZM India

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The Carl Zeiss C Biogon T* 4,5/21 ZM is a compact wide-angle lens that was designed for use with rangefinder cameras


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Carl Zeiss C Biogon T* 4,5/21 ZM

Item 71162

The Carl Zeiss C Biogon T* 4,5/21 ZM is a compact wide-angle lens that was designed for use with rangefinder cameras
Location: India

500.00 GBP  NV

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Extra Information

The Zeiss 21mm f/4.5 C Biogon T* ZM Manual Focus Lens is a super wide-angle lens designed for full integration with TTL-exposure metering. It has a minimum focusing distance of 1.8' (0.5 m) and offers ultra-sharp resolving power and next to zero distortion. Like its classic predecessor from 1952, the optical performance is stellar and destined to make the same history. Remarkably compact and lightweight, it is the ideal super wide-angle lens for travel and outdoor photography.

The Carl Zeiss range of T* ZM-mount lenses offers high standards in terms of performance, reliability and, of course, image quality. You can count on highly advanced flare control for crisp and brilliant images. And virtually zero geometric distortion, ensuring precise accuracy when reproducing shapes, especially useful when photographing products and architecture.

#1/3 stop interval click stops allow for exact exposure.

#Precise 10 bladed aperture creates pleasing unfocused highlights.

#Wear-resistant filter mounts for long-term reliability in tough conditions.

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