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'Since 1993. The market place for private sales of good, used professional audio, broadcast, film, photographic, television, radio and video equipment'
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Most recent listings on BB List Film & Broadcast :

Sound Devices 744T
1695.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser headphones
55.00 GBP For Sale
Ambient Digital slate ACD 301 RF
499.00 EURO For Sale
Video Projector NEC LT25
495.00 GBP For Sale
Panasonic P2 Card 16Gb
95.00 GBP For Sale
Lighting Kit
495.00 GBP For Sale
Lectrosonic SMa
750.00 GBP For Sale
Lectrosonic SR
1300.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser G2 300 In ear monitor Receiver
100.00 GBP For Sale
Flight case with wheels
79.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser 416T microphone
330.00 GBP For Sale
Tiny Hamlet PicoScope
50.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser SKP3000
400.00 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser EK 3241-B
550.00 GBP For Sale
Zaxcom RX4900 digital receiver
700.00 GBP For Sale
Hawk Woods APR-1 rack
150.00 GBP For Sale
Audio Design DBL-1 Limiter
50.00 GBP For Sale
Rack mounting accessories
0.00 GBP Wanted
Audio Ltd RK2
150.00 GBP For Sale
Shure BLX24RUK/SM58 Rack Mountable Handheld Wireless Mic
278.00 GBP For Sale
Sound Devices 788T + CL-8
3850.00 GBP For Sale
Hawk woods VL RM1
0.00 GBP Wanted
Ronford Baker Tall Tripod - 150mm bowl
350.00 GBP For Sale
Ronford Baker Medium Duty spreader
175.00 GBP For Sale
450.00 EURO For Sale
GH4 Varavon Cage
175.00 EURO For Sale
Voigtlander Nokton 42.5mm f 0.95
400.00 EURO For Sale
Voigtlander Nokton 10.5mm f 0.95
700.00 EURO For Sale
Hawk Woods VL RM1
0.00 GBP Wanted
Sennheiser G3 Receiver (Beltpack) Ch70
0.00 GBP Wanted
Canon C300 EF
2500.00 GBP For Sale
Portabrace ENG Run & Gun case
265.00 GBP For Sale
Blackmagic Production 4K camera
2200.00 GBP For Sale
Petrol camera bag with wheels
99.99 GBP For Sale
Sennheiser SKP 500 G2 Plug on Transmitter
110.00 GBP For Sale
Eclair Cameflex CM3 Motor 24V
100.00 EURO Wanted
Portadat mains unit/charger
0.00 GBP Wanted
Olympus 14-35mm T2 four thirds mount
1500.00 EURO For Sale
Sachtler Tripod Legs
785.00 GBP For Sale
Vinten PRO 6 HDV tripod kit
425.00 GBP For Sale