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Film camera
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Film camera
Film & Broadcast

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RED DSMC2 VV Monstro 8k carbon fibre Camera
A lightly used RED Carbon fibre 8k VV Monster brain with VV MG Pl mount and V-IO Module and VV STD module
Location: India - More Information...
27750.00 GBP NV For Sale

Film camera
Film & Broadcast

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Blackmagic Cintel Scanner 35mm Gate
Brand new Blackmagic Cintel Scanner 35mm Gate. Never used
Location: United Kingdom - More Information...
1000.00 GBP NV For Sale

Film camera
Film & Broadcast

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ARRI Controlled Lens Motor CLM-2
The CLM-2 is compact lens motor with integrated rod clamp and cable, Additional inserts make mounting to 19 mm or 15 mm.
Location: Romania - More Information...
560.00 EURO NV For Sale

Film camera
Film & Broadcast

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Eclair ACL film camera
Eclair ACL I 16mm camera in good condition. Has Angenieux 12-120mm lens, Chroziel lens adapter
Location: United Kingdom - More Information...
1450.00 GBP NV For Sale

Film camera
Film & Broadcast

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ARRIFLEX 16SR HS Serial: 61828, perfect condition
Location: Ukraine - More Information...
2750.00 USD NV For Sale

Film camera
Film & Broadcast

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DSC-R1 Cyber shot
The still famous and sought-after Sony DSC-R1 Cyber shot stills camera
Location: United Kingdom - More Information...
145.00 GBP +VAT
VAT Rate: 20%
For Sale

Film camera
Film & Broadcast

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Arri 435 ES camera package
Good condition. Tested and checked. See pictures
Location: United Kingdom - More Information...
4999.00 GBP NV For Sale

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