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Category: Audio Microphones
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Audio Microphones
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Audio Microphones
Film & Broadcast

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new Rode NTG 3 with Rycote blimp
Rode NTG3 and Rycote 010320 Small Super Shield Kit Used
Location: United Kingdom - More Information...
600.00 GBP NV
For Sale

Audio Microphones
Film & Broadcast

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new 2 microphones Schoeps CMC6 + MK40 avec les accessoires de fi
2 microphones Schoeps CMC6 MK40 avec les accessoires de fixation et anti-vents. , C'est à dire 2 corps préampli de mi
Location: France - More Information...
2000.00 EURO NV For Sale

Audio Microphones
Film & Broadcast

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new MS Shootgun Microphone kit
Microphone MS Stéréo Audio Technica Micro fusil ou canon court capsule en S Son chaud, le M sonne comme un Schoeps
Location: France - More Information...
1200.00 EURO NV For Sale

Audio Microphones
Film & Broadcast

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new Shoeps CMC microphone Omni kit
Microphone CMC5 U Schoeps capsule Omnidirectionnel MK2 s Cut 1 Schoeps 70 à 600 Hz XLR 3 broches Alim phantom P48
Location: France - More Information...
900.00 EURO NV For Sale

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