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Arri Film Camera
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Arri Film Camera
Film & Broadcast

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Arriflex High Speed Unit
HS unit enbles the 35mm Arri BL or Arri 3 to run up to 100fps from 2 x 12 volt batteries.
Location: United Kingdom - More Information...
100.00 GBP NV
For Sale

Arri Film Camera
Film & Broadcast

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Cinematography Electronics Precision Speed Control
Runs Arri cameras at crystal controlled increments of 1/10000 frame per second
Location: United Kingdom - More Information...
260.00 GBP NV For Sale

Arri Film Camera
Film & Broadcast

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Arri SR 2 Film Camera
Arri SR 2 standard, Zeiss 10/100mm 1.8F, Cooke Varokinetal 9/50mm 2.2-2.5, Panspheron-Ceto-CUK 018,
Location: Italy - More Information...
5000.00 EURO NV
For Sale

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