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- ITEM 81877, Sony EX3 Camera Kit United Kingdom

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Complete Sony EX3 Camera Kit, 2 Lenses.  Batteries, Peli Cased


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Sony EX3 Camera Kit

Item 81877
Video Camera Kit

Complete Sony EX3 Camera Kit, 2 Lenses.  Batteries, Peli Cased
Location: United Kingdom

1200.00 GBP  NV

For Sale

Sony EX3 Camera Kit
Sony EX3 Camera Kit
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Sony EX3 Camera Kit Sony EX3 Camera Kit Sony EX3 Camera Kit

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Extra Information

Sony EX3 Camera,Comes with the standard lens and a Fujinon XS8x4AS-XB8 Wide Angle Lens. Vocas Matte Box. 3 Batteries, Charger/Mains Supply. Rain Cover, External Microphone with wind sock. Several solid state media cards. Various 4x4 Glass Filters, Manual,Peli cased.
The Kit is used and shows a few wear marks and scratches, but is in working order. The kit is over 15 years old.

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Random feedback for this seller

12/07/20173 x Dedo lights arrived on time in a well packed pelican case. All lights were in good working condition except for one inline switch that was broken. I was surprised to find that the inline dimmers for all 3 x lights were aftermarket modifications (all be it in good working condition). My only quandary with the seller is the goods weren't accurately described as after market modifications - which I found misleading and lead to my returning the goods.
Your reply: Firstly I will put my hands up and say the inline switch was faulty, I had an assistant check them before sending and he missed it.
My Fault.
However the inline dimmers ARE NOT aftermarket modifications!
That is how Dedo supplied them in the early days, this was explained by both myself and BB List, but the buyer could not comprehend this.
There are hundreds of these kits about with these dimmers, I was at a shoot last year, where there were mine and another crew with the same dimmers.
I had wrapped them foam to protect them.
They were returned in the same order.

Note by BB List Staff: To confirm, we at BB List had explained to the buyer that these were how Dedo Lights were shipped in the mid 90s when we first started working with them on location ourselves. The buyer was unwilling to accept this and was unwilling to contact Dedo to verify. These lights were in excellent condition for their age and represented excellent value for money. Emyr, BB List.
14/08/2023Arrived in the nick of time, well packed. Beautiful soft light, exactly what I was looking for. Fab bb'er. Cheers



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Sony EX3 Camera Kit Sony EX3 Camera Kit Sony EX3 Camera Kit
Sony EX3 Camera Kit
Sony EX3 Camera Kit
Sony EX3 Camera Kit

Sony EX3 Camera Kit

Sony EX3 Camera Kit


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