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- ITEM 77149, Schoeps CCM5 microphone United Kingdom

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Schoeps compact microphone, switchable between Omni and Cardioid.


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Schoeps CCM5 microphone

Item 77149
Audio Microphones

Schoeps compact microphone, switchable between Omni and Cardioid.
Location: United Kingdom

1125.00 GBP  +VAT
VAT Rate: 20%

For Sale

Schoeps CCM5 microphone
Schoeps CCM5 microphone
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Schoeps CCM5 microphone Schoeps CCM5 microphone

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Extra Information

Omni and cardioid patterns, mechanically switchable
Slight emphasis of the high frequencies
Broad range of applications
Preferred uses similar to those of the MK 2 Series and the MK 4: In the cardioid setting: for use with singing or speaking voices or most instruments, as a spot microphone, and for stereo recording with coincident, ORTF or M/S microphone arrangements

The CCM 5 offers two selectable directional patterns, but uses only one membrane a no-compromise approach. The fact that full response is maintained to the highest audible frequencies is unusual for a switchable-pattern microphone.

In its omnidirectional setting the CCM 5 is a true pressure transducer with smooth, extended low-frequency response, low sensitivity to most wind and breath noise, handling noise or mechanical vibration, and no proximity effect.

Unlike conventional, dual-diaphragm multi-pattern microphones, its cardioid setting retains its full directionality even at very low frequencies. The benefits of this design in purity and clarity of sound are immediately audible.

The CCM 5 has a slight high-frequency emphasis as compared with the corresponding single-pattern omni (CCM 2) and cardioid (CCM 4).

This microphone has had very light use and is in very good condition as are the boxes. They have been used usually in Cardioid mode as a crossed stereo pair but in omni mode they are amazing as a spaced stereo pair when recording piano. This is one of 2 CCM5 microphones that I have for sale and I am happy to do a deal for the pair .

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Random feedback for this seller

01/11/2012Great Service, Thanks
23/05/2007The SDI card arrived promptly and very well packaged. I was not sure how to set the menu in the camera but Tim was very helpful and told me exactly how to make it work - which it did, first time. I'm very pleased with the purchase and would be most happy to deal with him again.
22/03/2019Equipment arrived quickly and in very good condition.
29/04/2017Very happy , thank you !



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Item: 77149

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Schoeps CCM5 microphone Schoeps CCM5 microphone
Schoeps CCM5 microphone
Schoeps CCM5 microphone
Schoeps CCM5 microphone

Schoeps CCM5 microphone


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