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- ITEM 76650, 12 x Lighting Mixed Colour Filter / Gel Sheet Pack United Kingdom

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12 x Lighting Mixed Colour Filter / Gel Sheet Pack 12 x 600mm x 600mm


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12 x Lighting Mixed Colour Filter / Gel Sheet Pack

Item 76650

12 x Lighting Mixed Colour Filter / Gel Sheet Pack 12 x 600mm x 600mm
Location: United Kingdom

30.00 GBP  NV

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Extra Information

These come individually labelled in a cardboard tube

Kit Contains 1 of each

009 Pale Amber Gold

Perfect warm front light for any skin tone.

019 Fire

A strong red/amber. Great for fire effects.

117 Steel Blue

Good for cool washes. Adds a pale green tint. Great for emulating icy weather on stage.

122 Fern Green

Good for cycloramas and creates a great mood effect.

126 Mauve

Good for backlighting. Dark magenta / purple adds drama and mood.

153 Pale Salmon

Good for backlighting in conjunction with white light.

164 Flame Red

Great for fire effects.

179 Chrome Orange

A combination of 1/2 CTO and double strength 104, perfect for sunlight.

702 Special Pale Lavender

A cold lavender when used with a full tungsten source, but warms as the source is

dimmed. Good as a fill for slow sunset fades.

767 Oklahoma Yellow

A rich blend of bright sunshine and warm ochre overtones.

768 Egg Yolk Yellow

A bold strong chemical yellow, less orange/red than 179 Chrome orange.

793 Vanity Fair

A rich glamorous pink, good for use on special occasions.

Please Note

The Filter has been cut from the roll and some of the sheets have the Lee Filter colour/length identification band printed on the top.

Shipping to UK is 6

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Random feedback for this seller

12/11/2019Beautifully packaged. The seller was very understanding and patient.
12/11/2019Beautifully packed. Nice small package. The seller was very understanding and patient.



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Item: 76650

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