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- ITEM 73922, Audio Wireless DH5+1 Belgium

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Audio Wireless DH5 1


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Audio Wireless DH5+1

Item 73922
Wireless microphone

new reducedAudio Wireless DH5 1
Location: Belgium

950.00 EURO  NV
Now: 850.00 EURO  NV

For Sale

Audio Wireless DH5+1
Audio Wireless DH5+1
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Audio Wireless DH5+1 Audio Wireless DH5+1 Audio Wireless DH5+1

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Extra Information

Audio wireless RX rack
3 slots for audio wireless
2 slots for micron explorer
powerlines and antenne of the 2 micronslots can also be used for Audio Wireless en vica versa
with DH5 cable 5x TA3F+XLR3F/6xTA3F 60 cm and power supply 220Vac/15Vdc 60W xlr4F

bought in 11/2016 new for 1846,11 excl. TVA
In very good condition and used for a movie in 2016.
After this project used very sporadically.

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Item: 73922

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Audio Wireless DH5+1 Audio Wireless DH5+1 Audio Wireless DH5+1
Audio Wireless DH5+1
Audio Wireless DH5+1
Audio Wireless DH5+1

Audio Wireless DH5+1

Audio Wireless DH5+1


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