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- ITEM 70564, Audio Ltd 2040 package United States

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Complete Audio Ltd 2040 radio mic package.


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Audio Ltd 2040 package

Item 70564
Audio Radio Microphones

new Complete Audio Ltd 2040 radio mic package.
Location: United States

4000.00 USD  NV

For Sale

Audio Ltd 2040 package
Audio Ltd 2040 package
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Audio Ltd 2040 package

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Extra Information

2040 Audio Ltd Package includes:
6-2040 RX
6-2040 TX (4 standard, 2 mini)
1-RK6 distro box
1-RK3 distro box
7-Sanken lavs (5 wired standard lemo, 2 wired for mini lemo)
2-48v Lemo to XLR cables
2-ir key fobs
Various cables, antennas and accessories
Shipped in Pelican case

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Item: 70564

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Audio Ltd 2040 package
Audio Ltd 2040 package
Audio Ltd 2040 package
Audio Ltd 2040 package


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