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- ITEM 70119, VOCAS 0255-3600 United Kingdom

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VOCAS 0255-3600 - Shoulder rig Pro for midsize cameras


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VOCAS 0255-3600

Item 70119
Camera Support

VOCAS 0255-3600 - Shoulder rig Pro for midsize cameras
Location: United Kingdom

560.00 GBP  +VAT
VAT Rate: 20%

For Sale

VOCAS 0255-3600
VOCAS 0255-3600
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VOCAS 0255-3600 VOCAS 0255-3600 VOCAS 0255-3600

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Extra Information

Ex-demo, Shoulder Vocas rig Pro for midsize cameras.

Some cosmetic scratches.

15mm Offset Bracket for Shoulder Support Low 0350-0021
Leather Handgrip Kit
15mm Pro Rail Support for Midsize Cameras 0350-0600
Vocas Weight Attachment Plate 0370-0200
Vocas 1KG Weight for Shoulder Support 0370-0210
Vocas 15 mm Shoulder Support 0370-0001

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Random feedback for this seller

23/06/2019Good quality of experience and product. Very pleased with the item and the service.
24/05/2019Ok transaction though the description didn't mention some defects of the bag. I guess they have been forgotten by the seller as they are small things that are probably not easy to detect (some little clips and straps missing).



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Item: 70119

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VOCAS 0255-3600 VOCAS 0255-3600 VOCAS 0255-3600
VOCAS 0255-3600
VOCAS 0255-3600
VOCAS 0255-3600

VOCAS 0255-3600

VOCAS 0255-3600


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