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- ITEM 62778, Cmotion C-ZOOM II United Kingdom

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Great condition with custom made flight case. Ready to use


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Cmotion C-ZOOM II

Item 62778
Lenses-Remote Zoom Control

Great condition with custom made flight case. Ready to use
Location: United Kingdom

1500.00 GBP  NV

For Sale

Cmotion C-ZOOM II
Cmotion C-ZOOM II
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Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II
Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II

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Extra Information

The kit has been well looked after and shows minor signs of wear. It has always lived in its custom made flight case.

Supplied with accessories as pictured.

Multiple kits available.

czoom II has an integrated display which reads out the actual zoom position (%), motor speed and selected additional function. As with the czoom module, czoom II can be attached directly to the pan bar for control of a zoom motor and camera run function.

Cmotion C-ZOOM II User Guide

Additionally, thanks to the czoom IIís battery power supply incorporated within the ergonomic handle and its internal antenna, these operations can be performed wireless through either the camin or camin mono over one of the 9 selectable radio channels. In stand alone mode the internal voltage booster ensures a constant hardwired voltage is directly supplied to the zoom motor without any external power supply required.

As with czoom, the motor movement is controlled by a pressure sensitive joystick in easy reach of the thumb. As an additional function, czoom II offers zoom value memory. The zoom will move to any given position previously entered by the user by simply pressing the Recall button. Lens limits and ZAP (zoom as fast as possible) functions are easy to perform and even ENG lenses with an integrated zoom motor can also be controlled directly.

Example: the DP (or camera operator) can attach czoom II using either cfast-czoom or an Oppenheimer bracket direct to their pan bar for comfortable control over the zoom motor. Czoom II can be wired direct to the zoom motor, or operated wireless trough camin or camin mono. If the camera is to be mounted on a crane (with camin/camin mono), the DP can simply operate the czoom II as a wireless hand held unit.

Ergonomic Design
As with all cmotion products, czoom II has been designed to be well balanced and ergonomic for comfortable hand held operation

Motor Control with/without the camin
Through its internal power supply and voltage booster, czoom II can be connected direct to the zoom motor for full control without camin. For wireless control, czoom II communicates with camin, which in turn will power and control the zoom motor.

Speed Control
Rotation of the motors is operated through a pressure sensitive Micro-Force joystick. Pushing the joystick forwards or backwards controls the direction and speed of the motor connected to the lens. The turning speed of the motor is controlled by the amount of pressure applied to the joystick from the userís thumb. czoom II is also equipped with an easily programmed and easy to see electronic maximum speed setting to ensure smooth and consistent zoom movements can be achieved. Depressing the ZAP (zoom as fast as possible) button, the motor can run at its maximum speed. This function can assist in focussing and fast lens movements.

Function Lens
The rotation of the lens motor can be limited between two set values by simply using the LENS function. This operation electronically limits the lens motor movement between the userís two desired limits.

Function ZAP
The ZAP (zoom as fast as possible) function allows the user to run the motor at its maximum speed in either direction. (see also Speed Control)

Mounting Capabilities
The czoom II can be attached to various pan arms, with the help of a cfast-czoom mount or Oppenheimer bracket.

Completed Sales: 711 - Rated: 99% Positive

Item Description5 Stars
Seller Communication5 Stars
Cost Delivery5 Stars
Quality Packaging5 Stars
Speed Despatched5 Stars
Overall Satisfaction5 Stars

Random feedback for this seller

14/03/2012Very quick response and handling when at first a mistake was made. People you can trust
09/07/2012Item well packed and delivered promptly. As described and worked fine straight out of the box. Very pleased.
19/04/2012Very good service, thank you.
17/06/2017Adaptor is perfectly fine, just as advertised. Paid more for shipping than the actual cost though.



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Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II Cmotion C-ZOOM II
Cmotion C-ZOOM II
Cmotion C-ZOOM II
Cmotion C-ZOOM II

Cmotion C-ZOOM II

Cmotion C-ZOOM II

Cmotion C-ZOOM II

Cmotion C-ZOOM II

Cmotion C-ZOOM II


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