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- ITEM 42524, Soundcraft SM12 32 Channel monitor console United Kingdom

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Professional touring console Item is used,but well looked after. Everything Works. Flight Case Included.Beautiful Desk


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Soundcraft SM12 32 Channel monitor console

Item 42524
Audio Control Surfaces

Professional touring console Item is used,but well looked after. Everything Works. Flight Case Included.Beautiful Desk
Location: United Kingdom

2000.00 GBP  NV

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Extra Information

Soundcraft sm12 32 channel mixing desk for sale
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Item is used, but very well looked after. All Channels/Busses/switches are in full working order. Item comes with professional flight case on weels. The Desk comes with 2 PSU & 6V rack

The SM12 is a full-spec professional monitor console offering twelve mono plus one stereo sends for use in touring or fixed applications. As the smallest console in the Soundcraft ‘SM’ range, the SM12 still offers the high level of facilities found on the world’s top monitor consoles.

Soundcraft’s advanced solo system (as used on the FIVE and FIVE Monitor consoles) speeds
up soundchecks and reduces the risk of feedback; instant pre-post switching allows more
flexible mix arrangements, and a four-band overlapping sweep EQ gives optimum control of
each sound source.

But the SM12 is not just an engineer’s dream; it is a practical solution to a wide range of
problems faced by venues and rental companies alike. Available in 32, 40 and 48 channel
frame sizes, its modular design allows for future expansion and ease of maintenance. The
compact frame reduces on-stage space requirements, while the power supply design
increases reliability under unfavourable conditions.

Soundcraft’s design expertise has produced a cost effective console which sounds superb in
every on stage situation, but works equally well as a front-of-house mixer. In fact, with logical
sub-grouping and an advanced solo system, the SM12 out-performs many traditional front-of-
house consoles.


Frequency response ­ 20Hz ­ 20kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion (all measurements at 20dBu) less than 0.005% @ 1kHz ­ less

than 0.025% @ 10kHz

Console dimensions

1366.00mm (53.78")

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Item: 42524

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