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'Since 1993. The market place for private sales of good, used professional audio, broadcast, film, photographic, television, radio and video equipment'
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4 Jan 2021

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BB List (known as Bazza’s Bazaar) is a small, mainly film and TV business with global reach and renown.

Grown from the personal need in the pre - eBay days to dispose of redundant professional film and audio equipment, it has expanded, through word of mouth, into servicing the needs for both seasoned professionals and up and coming talent who want to upgrade their equipment in the most economical way. Quite simply, when it comes to recycling pro equipment, Bazza's Bazaar is the link between the experienced and the newcomers in the industry.

Aware of this pivotal role that Bazza's Bazaar plays in the careers of up and coming film makers, I'm currently working on a register of the productions to which our services have contributed in the past, from indie feature films to TV documentaries, we've seen them all!

For example, the freelancers employed by the BBC’s Natural History Unit have used  Bazza's Bazaar to source equipment at the same time that the RSPB sold a camera to a company in the UAE. Last week we helped a Belgian sell a Nagra to a Norwegian and a Dane sell his wildlife sound recording microphones to a Brit.

Though the largest number of clients are UK based, Bazza's Bazaar now has regular clients in Italy, Greece, Norway, Ireland, the USA and Australasia, as well as many other countries throughout the world.

How we began

Bazza's Bazaar was started in 1991 from the simple need of two location recordists having a small amount of surplus equipment to sell. So Bazza, who is the founder Bazza's Bazaar and and now M.D. of BB List Ltd, decided to circulate an A4 sized sheet of paper containing a list of six used audio items, to some 60 professionals known to the the owners of the kit. We managed to sell some of the kit and Bazza's Bazzar, as it was then known, started to grow via word of mouth.

Over time, that single sheet of paper metamorphosed into a 64 page catalogue which was mailed monthly to those who requested it.

Meanwhile, in 1993 we started our web site. This was quite primitive but, even then, it brought Bazza's Bazaar to the notice of many people even some outside the UK. However, the web site only really started to work after a chance meeting with our web guru, Emyr. He worked as Bazza's boom swinger on a TV series being shot on location in North Wales. Since then, Emyr has developed and improved the web site.

As the database of equipment changed daily and increased in size, the catalogue was always out of date even by the time it was published, let alone distributed. So, because we had been overtaken by the web, and because of increasing printing and distribution costs, it was decided to not to publish the printed catalogue. Since then we have not looked back. Our client base grows daily and is truly international.

Now, after many years of planning and coding work, some 15,000 lines of code have been written to produce the present web site. But we have not finished. The web site is a work in progress.

Our aim, as always, is to provide a professional service to professionals