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'Since 1993. The market place for sales of good, used professional audio, broadcast, film, photographic, television, radio and video equipment'
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14 Mehefin 2024

These are today's most popular equipment categories on BB List:
Audio Radio MicrophonesAudio MicrophonesVideo Cameras - HDAudio RecordersAudio Location Mixers
LightingCases And BagsVideo CamerasTripodsVideo Monitors
Lenses VideoLensesVideo DistributionAudio MiscellaneousBatteries And Chargers
Lenses FilmMiscellaneousVideo Recorders And PlayersFilm MiscellaneousVideo Cameras - Dvcam/dvcpro
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BB List Video Guides

We hope that these tutorials will help you to get the most of your experience when using our website. Maybe they will help you become the next top seller here on BB List!

Find the videos on our YouTube Channel or on our Vimeo Channel

Getting Started on BB List

A guide to getting started using the BB List website.

This film guides you through the simple registration process, and demonstrates navigating the web site, and how to make the most of BB List.

View on YouTube - Vimeo

Guide for Buyers

The BB List Buyers' Guide is a short step by step video guiding buyers through the process of making a successful purchase on BB.

The film also outlines our Escrow (Clients' Account) Service and its safeguards!

View on YouTube - Vimeo

Guide for Sellers

The BB List Sellers' Guide is a short video guiding sellers through the process of submitting a listing on BB.

The film also outlines the step by step process to a successful sale!

View on YouTube - Vimeo

Payment Protection Service (Escrow) Explained

The BB List Payment Protection Service explained and de-mystified.

The short film talks through our free Payment Protection Service and the process of using it to protect you!

View on YouTube - Vimeo

Guide to Shipping and Delivery

The BB List guide to Shipping and delivery.

A guide to the process of supplying details and quotes of shipping and insurance when selling on BB List, plus a gentle reminder to pack items well for shipping.

View on YouTube - Vimeo

Guide to VAT and Trading In The EU

A short guide to VAT and VAT rules when buying and selling across the EU and beyond.

VAT is explained, as is the complex way of treating VAT when selling across different EU member countries. We hope the film helps you make sense of it all!

For more information on EU trading please check out the European Commission website on VAT

View on YouTube - Vimeo


These films have been produced, filmed and edited by BB List client, Dorian Williams of PVP Productions.

Graphics, sound recording and dubbing, by our web guru and sound recordist, Emyr Morris.

Thank you Dorian, and Emyr, for your patience and for the great work!