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'Since 1993. The market place for sales of good, used professional audio, broadcast, film, photographic, television, radio and video equipment'
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BB List FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Go to Video Guide where there are short video tutorials designed to help you get the most from your experience of using our web site. You can also find the videos on our YouTube Channel or on our Vimeo Channel

These are some of the most common questions we are asked














I was registered with you but cannot log in to your web site.
It is possible that you are using an email address which has not been registered with us. If you are using a 'new' email address, try to log in using your old email address. If that does not work then you will have to register with us again.
If you are using the email address that we already have for you and you don't know your password then go to - Forgotten your Password?
A password will be emailed to you. You will need to log in with the email address and the password given to you. You may be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions of Trade.
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I have forgotten my password, how can I retrieve it?
Click on Forgot your Password which is at the top of the page.
Enter your email address and then click 'Next'.
You should then see the message 'A password reminder has been sent to 'your email address' '
Should you not receive that email, please check your junk box.
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Can I change my email address or password?
Yes. You must log in.
Go to your 'my.BB | My Details | Update or change contact details'
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What is BB List Payment Protection Service?
Escrow is the name for paying for goods or services via a Clients' Account system and is a potection service for both buyers and sellers.

In a nutshell:

  • The BB List Payment Protection Service is a free Escrow Service.
  • The buyer places the cost of buying goods into our ring-fenced client account.
  • Once the funds are cleared, the seller is instructed to despatch the goods to the buyer via a tracked and insured courier service.
  • Upon delivery of the goods, the buyer has 24 hours to inspect the goods, and to confirm that they are in the advertised condition.
  • When the 24 hour period has elapsed, or upon confirmation from the buyer that the goods are as advertised, whichever is sooner, the funds are transferred from the buyer's client account to the seller's client account.
  • At this point BB List invoices the seller for the commission due and deducts commission, and any incurred charges, from the seller's client account.
  • An Email is sent to the seller telling him that the transaction is concluded and that he can request withdrawal of funds to his bank account.
  • The buyer and seller are informed throughout of the transaction's progress via email.
  • We aim to instruct our bank to pay clients within an hour of receiving a request to withdraw funds if the request comes in during normal business hours. However banks do not transfer funds on weekends, or public holidays or outside normal business hours.

For a more detailed explanation, please see BB List Payment Protection Service

Escrow Payment Protection Service Explained

Escrow - The BB List Payment Service explained and de-mystified.

The short film talks through our free Payment Protection Service, Escrow, and the process of using Escrow and how it protects you!

View on YouTube - Vimeo

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What is a sales invoice?
A sales invoice must be created by the seller as proof of purchase for the buyer. Typically it would contain the following:
The seller's name and full postal address.
The buyer's name and full postal address.
The date of sale.
A brief description of the item being sold.
The price paid for the item.
Shipping charge if applicable.
The total amount with VAT or other taxes if appropriate.
If the seller is registered for VAT and is charging VAT then the seller's VAT number must also be included.
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What is a Pro Forma invoice?
A Pro Forma invoice is an invoice produced by BB List inviting you to deposit funds with us. It shows the listing reference number, a brief description of the item you are buying, as well as the total amount to pay us and in the currency, eg GBP, Euro or USD, it is to be paid in. It also includes our bank account details so you can make sure the payment reached us.
 A Pro Forma invoice is not to be confused with a sales invoice. Because the sale is between the buyer and seller, the sales invoice is produced by the seller and will be more detailed than our Pro Forma. Please see the previous question for more details of a Sales Invoice
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I have sold an item. Where do I upload a copy of the sales invoice?
Log on. Go to your 'my.BB | Transactions'
There you will see a list of sales invoices which you should upload.
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I cannot upload a sales invoice.
If you cannot upload a sales invoice it is either too large or not of the correct file type. Our preferred format is PDF, which is probably the safest format too. There are many free PDF makers available for download. If you have a MAC then you can produce pdf documents by using the Print function.
We can accept the following file formats:
.pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .ods, .rtf, .xls, .xlsx, .htm, .html or even .jpg
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The invoice I uploaded is incorrect. How can I upload a new invoice?
Send us a message through the message system, quoting the transaction number, and telling us you want to upload a new invoice. We will then cancel that invoice and send you a message asking you to upload a new invoice.
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Where can I download a copy of a sales invoice?
For past transactions, please log in. Go to your 'my.BB | Escrow Account'

There you will see a list of all your past transactions. Click on the one you are interested in, and then download the invoice copy.
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Why have bank charges been added to the amount due to me?
Even though the buyer has instructed their bank that they will pay all charges, there are still some circumstances when our bank will also charge us to receive a deposit. For example, we can be charged either 6GBP, 10GBP or even 20GBP to receive a foreign payment. This fee will become payable by the seller. After all, you would have to pay this charge if the deposit went directly into your bank account.
When we make payments to overseas sellers our bank charges 15GBP for a SEPA payment, and 25GBP for a standard payment, to transmit funds. Of course, we have to pass these charges on to the beneficiary.
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There is a problem with the equipment. What do I do?
You have to send a message to the seller through the message thread. Because we monitor all messages  we will acknowledge your message and note there is a problem.
As written in the message sent to buyers when cleared funds have been received by BB List.

You have 24 hours in which to inspect the goods and to check that they are in
an 'as advertised' condition. The 24 hours begins from the time of delivery.
If we do not hear from you within 24 hours, we will assume that you are satisfied
with the goods and we will complete the transaction and pay the seller on your behalf.

Please inspect the goods and notify us as well as the seller of any problems."
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Returning an item
Should the item not be as described in the on-line description, or not functioning if it was sold as a functioning item, the seller and BB List must be informed through the messaging system that there is a problem. If the item is to be returned to the seller it must be returned, preferably by the same carrier used to ship the item, and collected by that carrier within 48 hours of delivery. It should be tracked and insured.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to carefully pack the item so the item does not incur any damage during transit. The seller is allowed up to 24 hours after delivery in which to check the item  has not been tampered with or opened by the seller, without permission, and that it is seemingly in the condition prior to despatch by the seller.

If the item is not returned by the buyer within the 48 hour period, after delivery, it is deemed that the buyer is satisfied and the seller will be immediately paid by BB List, less any commission and any other charges and VAT, where this is applicable.
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How do I submit a For Sale Listing?
Click on Submit a Listing either here on the home page.
We have produced a short video Guide to Selling which you can see by going to Video Guide
You can also see the video on our YouTube Channel or on our Vimeo Channel
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How do I submit a Wanted Listing?
Click on Submit a Listing either here, on the home page.
We have produced a short video Guide to Buying which you can see by going to Video Guide
You can also see the video on our YouTube Channel or on our Vimeo Channel
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I am responding to a Wanted Listing. Why do I have to submit it For Sale?
You want to sell your kit and our web site is set up for selling, so by listing the kit you are providing a full description, and probably images, so the buyer knows exactly what is on offer. The advantages of listing are that should the advertiser decide your item is not for him or her, then it is possible that another person my be interested. Should you sell through us then you are protected by the Escrow we offer. Remember that listings are free and we only charge commission should you sell through us.
Click on Submit a Listing either here, on the home page.
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How can I edit my listing?
Log in to our web site. Go to the item and then click on 'Edit this item'
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How do I change the price of a listing?
When you a logged in go to the listing and click on 'Edit this Item'.
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How do I cancel a listing?
When you are logged in, go to the listing. You will see Cancel near the top of the page. Click on that link.
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My listing has been cancelled. Why?
If we cancelled your listing it is probable that you failed to respond to an enquiry, or enquiries. We always send a message warning that a listing may be cancelled and then, if there is no response, we cancel it so as to avoid further time wasting for other clients. So please check your email for messages from us or go to my.BB to check messages.
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How do I add or remove Offers?
Log in. Go to the item. Near the top of the page you will see either ACCEPT OFFERS or DO NOT ACCEPT OFFERS. Click to change the status.
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My listing has VAT against it. How do I change to NV?
The VAT status of listings is set by your VAT status in your contact details so you should check and amend those details first.
If your VAT status is correct and you need to change the VAT status of the listing then you will have to ask us to do that for you.
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How do I delete Draft listings?
Log on.
Go to my.BB
Select "Go to your draft & pending listings"
Select "Delete all DRAFT listings"
Log on
Select the Home tab
Select "Pending"
Select "Delete all DRAFT listings"
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How do I add images?
Log in to our web site. Click on the listing Reference number. Then click on 'Add or manage this Item's images'
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I cannot upload images, why not?
If you are unable to upload an image it is probably because it is of the wrong format. Images must be jpegs though you can also upload JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or TIFF
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How do I delete or archive messages?
Log on. Go to your 'my.BB | Messages'

Go to the message thread you no longer wish to keep, and click on 'Archive this thread...'
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I have multiple enquiries for one listing. How do I identify each enquiry?
When you click on your listing you will see a table of all enquiries for that item.
Each enquiry is clearly identified with its unique number and also with an Enquirer number. When you open the enquiry thread by clicking on the TAG number, you will also see all the messages pertaining that enquiry. You will also be able to reply to any messages.
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An enquiry has been closed. How can I reopen it?
You will have to send us a message asking us to re-open the enquiry. You must provide the enquiry number.
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Can buyers collect in person or arrange their own shipping?
Yes they can. However, the buyer will still be required to pay for the item via the BB List Payment Protection Service (Escrow), prior to meeting or arranging collection. In the past too many people have not honoured meetings, we have found that the financial commitment by the buyer is enough to ensure that both parties will make the arranged meeting at the arranged location. Buyers and sellers, in the past, have travelled considerable distances to a pre-defined meeting place to find the other party has not bothered to turn up!
It prevents the risks associated with carrying large sums of cash.
It also prevents the risks for the seller associated with having to store large sums of cash at home overnight or over the weekend.
If you are a buyer and want either to meet the seller or arrange your own shipping, click on 
'Arrange My Own Shipping' at the top of the message thread. 
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Can I meet the seller and pay cash?
Yes, you can meet the seller. However, you will not be able to pay cash. You will still be required to pay for the goods via the BB List Payment Protection Service prior to meeting the seller. (See the above explanation for the reason).
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Can I visit to inspect the item before purchasing?
You will still be required to deposit cleared payment via the BB List Payment Protection Service (Escrow) prior to meeting the seller. (See the above explanation for the reason)
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How do I pay for an item? Is my money safe?
Payment is usually by bank transfer into the BB List Payment Protection Service which is a 'ring-fenced' Clients' Account. Bank transfer (BACS, Internet Banking) is a safe and secure method of payment. Bank transfers can be made via Telephone Banking or Internet Banking. Within the UK there are ususally no bank charges involved.

We do not like cheques because they can take up to 6 working days to clear into a bank account, they incur bank charges and as we are some distance from a Barclays Bank, it may take us several days before we are able to bank your cheque for you.
More often than not sellers usually look for a faster solution and faced with two potential buyers will usually opt for the one who can pay right away with the minimum of fuss and cost.
Please be aware that BB List cannot withdraw funds from any bank account. You must instruct your bank to make the payment to us, as per the instructions in the Pro Forma invoice we send to you. Marking 'Paid' in the transaction simply tells us you have instructed your bank to make the payment to us.
If you are outside the UK payment is also by bank transfer. However we will provide instructions on how to use a currency exchange provider like to help make the transfer cheaper, faster and easier. Use this link to open a Wise account and get your first transfer with no cost (or lower costs).
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Can a single payment be made for multiple purchases?
Yes, a single payment can be made for multiple purchases. However, we ask that payment is clearly identified with your name or with one transaction number. You are also able to top up your escrow account in advance of purchases.
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Can I use funds in escrow to pay for an item?
Yes you can. Go to the transaction. Use the action 'MARK AS PAID', on the following screen you will be notified if you have a surplus. To use the surplus tick the box 'USE SURPLUS'.
You will then be shown the blance to pay (if any) , then click on 'MARK AS PAID'. If you have a balance left to pay, please make a bank transfer for the balance as normal. Thank you.
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I have sold an item. How do I get paid?
On completion of the sale, you will be sent an invoice for our commission and notified there are funds in your escrow account.  For the funds to be transferred to your bank account you must go to our web site, log on, go to your Escrow account, and request withdrawal of funds. Please remember the buyer is allowed up to 24 hours after delivery in which to check the item.
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Who pays the commission?
The seller pays the commission due to us on a successful sale through BB List.  The current maximum commission rate is 10% of the agreed, ex VAT, ex shipping costs.
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I am responding to a Wanted listing. Do I pay commission?
Yes. If you sell through us you will have to pay commission
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How do I submit feedback on a purchase?
Only when a sale has been completed will you be asked to submit feedback on the sale. If you have any completed purchases and wish to leave feedback, go to my.BB to find a list of transactions that require your feedback.
Please be aware that your feedback will be published from time to time and the seller has the right to reply to the feedback.

If you have bought or sold items on BB List and wish to review the feedback you left on purchases or the feedback left on your sales please view your Transactions page.
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How is using BB List safe for me to buy or sell gear? 
BB List operates a Payment Protection Service (ESCROW SERVICE) as standard on ALL TRANSACTIONS! This is at no cost to the buyer and is included in the seller's fees. The buyer deposits funds into a 'ring-fenced' client account. The seller can ship in confidence knowing that he will get paid, and is only paid 24 hours after the buyer has taken delivery. The buyer has 24 hours after delivery in which to inspect the equipment, and to inform us if it has been damaged by the courier or is not as described by the seller.
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How do I know the listed items exist?
All advertisers must provide us with their full contact details before we accept any listing. You are protected by the free BB List Payment Protection Service (Escrow Clients' account) service that we provide.
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What guarantees are there for the item being sold?
Most items being sold through BB List are being sold privately and are used items, therefore under British law the rule Caveat Emptor applies. Therefore, unless the seller specifies a guarantee, there is no guarantee.

However, all items must be as described in the on-line listing and be in working condition, unless the listing states the item is not working.

Under the BB List Payment Protection Service, if the item is not as described, the buyer must notify both BB List and the seller, thrfough the message thread, within 24 hours after delivery. When the item is returned to the seller a refund is made to the buyer.
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How am I sure my personal contact details are safe?
We have to abide by the Data Protection Act. We do not pass on contact details to any third party without your express permission. Of course, contact detail of buyers and sellers must be exchanged when a transaction takes place.

We do not sell your personal details to any other company or service. Your personal details are held by us only to conduct BB List business.

All transfer of personal details and password information when logging in via the website is done using SSL (Secure Internet) connections.
To make sure your data is safe when using the internet you should always check that the website you are using is showing "https://" at the beginning of the web address (in the address/location) bar. Also look for the yellow padlock that shows the page has been delivered via SSL (secure connection).
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What do your customers say about BB List?
Here are some testimonials from customers

"Hi, Such a great experience selling my kit with you guys. I felt supported and confident. More to come! Thanks So Much.", Toby, Australia, August 2018

"Hi BB List. The mic is now rigged along with a CCM8 in the windshield and sounds sweet in MS stereo. Ready for a drama day tomorrow involving a brass band!  Many thanks to the seller and to you for making it seamless. Kind regards. Dave, UK"

"Always a pleasure and a honour to do business with Professionals! Many thanks again, Jim, UK"

"While I can still carry a camera, this is where I'll come for my kit! Brooke, UK"

"Thanks for your input on this BB. I know mine are all small sales yet you still give me 10000% help and service! Way above what i expect and i do appreciate it i really do. Thanks, Jason, UK"

"Thanks BB List. All very quick and stress free! Jim, UK (seller)"

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate BB List. Because of the ESCROW system, we don't have to stress about who we are selling to you know... It is a great system and everybody is happy I think. So Thank you for you and your team. David, UK (seller)"

"Thanks for all your efforts in this and quite a relief to have the hassle avoided! BBlist remains highly recommended! Louis, UK (seller)"

"Thank you for everything, BB are a wonderful company and have provided a terrific service to me over the years, best wishes to you all, Donovan, Northern Ireland (Seller)"

"Very smooth transaction, excellent communication between me, buyer and BBlist team! Happy seller! Yannis, Greece (Seller)"

"Thank you for your conscientious monitoring. It seems that there are many times when you have had to come to my aid, and I really appreciate that you take such care over your users. Richard, UK (Buyer/seller)"

"Connectors picked up from work yesterday. I'm going to make some leads to connect the direct outs of my new mixer to radio Tx so I can use the mixer as a remote hub, useful for some live event work. The BBlist must be one of my main sources of gear. Marcel, UK (Buyer)"

"Thanks Emyr and thanks for running this site - very easy service to use, Matt, UK (Buyer)"

"Hi Emyr, Item received very quickly, great service from your seller. Nice easy transaction as usual. Regards, Chris, Mold"

"I'm just letting you know that the package arrived undamaged and the contents inside were perfect. Thanks again for your smooth administration Emyr and thanks to the seller also. I am delighted. Rob, Glasgow UK (Buyer)"

"Thank you. A very straighforward sale. Very impressed. Best regards, Bob, UK (Seller)"

"Thank you for such a smooth process. Cheers, Luke, Spain (Seller)"

"Thank you for creating BB List. Great way to recycle used kit. All the best. Cal, UK (Seller)"

I am getting SSL Certificate errors when visiting your website! What's going on? Is this safe?

First of all make sure DATE and TIME are both correct on your computer or device. Our windows machine in the office reverted to Year 2000 a few weeks ago and we had this exact problem.

Many ROOT certificates for the internet expired on 30th Sptember 2021 - the following should hopefully fix that problem for you.

The BB List website is using the very latest and most secure SSL (https://, green padlock in the web browser address bar) technology from Comodo.

Sometimes the root certificates on personal computers go out of date, you would not normally notice this as a problem if you perform 'system update' on a regular basis. Maybe Windows or macOS is out of date or maybe your Web Browser client software (Firefox or Chrome) is also out of date.

If you are experiencing these problems when visiting our website or any other website this is what you need to do.

Download this Comodo root certificate and install it on your computer to get your web browser and your system back up to date

First download the following Root CA Chain from the link:
[Root] Comodo RSA Certification Authority (SHA-2)

MAC Instructions
Here are the instructions for Apple Mac.
1. Import it into the Keychain >> System Root folder on user Mac Machine.
(KeyChain is in the System utilities Folder in the Applications folder.)
2. Reboot your mac.

WINDOWS Instructions
Here are the instructions for Windows.
1. Start Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Tool
> Click Start -> Run -> Enter 'MMC' and click 'OK'
2. Click File -> Add/Remove Snap-In
3. Add Certificate
> Select 'Certificates' in left panel and click 'Add' to move to right panel , Then Click 'OK'
4. Select 'Computer Account' option and click 'Next'
5. Click 'Finish'
6. Click 'OK'

An item is marked 'HOT!', what does that mean?
This usually means that several ongoing enquiries have been made on that item.
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What does 'UNDER OFFER' mean?
This means a sale has been agreed on the item and a transaction has been set up with a potential buyer and that we are waiting for payment from that buyer. Occasionally, this may fall through for some reason, so if you are interested in the item keep an eye on it in case the 'Under Offer' goes away.
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What does OFFERS mean?
It means the seller is open to bargaining on the listed price.
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Why is VAT being charged on used items?
If the seller is registered for VAT and claimed the VAT on that item when it was purchased, VAT must be charged on the sale of the item
Individuals can register for VAT as well as companies. 
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Why is VAT being charged on shipping and insurance?
The seller, if VAT registered, must charge VAT on shipping and insurance because it is considered to be a service. 

Guide to VAT and Selling Across the EU

A short guide to VAT and VAT rules when selling across the EU and beyond.

VAT is explained, as is the complex way of treating VAT when selling across different EU member countries. We hope the film helps you make sense of it all!

For more information on EU trading please check out the European Commission website on VAT

View on YouTube - Vimeo

VAT has not been added to BB List's invoice for commission. Why not?
BB List is not registerd for VAT so it would be illegal for us to charge VAT.  You may notice that there is no VAT number on our invoice. 

I am visiting the UK and collecting in person, how do I reclaim the VAT I have been charged?
If you are not a UK business and are visiting and collecting kit in person please see UK HMRC website for details on what can be reclaimed and how:

How have VAT Rules for trading between UK and Northern Ireland changed?
For the majority of BB List customers you should not see much difference. If you are VAT registered and you are in the UK mainland or in Northern Ireland and you are selling to the other region you will carry on as normal. VAT will still be charged. If you are in the UK and registered for VAT and you are selling to an Irish VAT registered customer this would be Zero Rate Export VAT. It gets more complicated if that buyer wishes to have his purchase shipped to a Northern Ireland address!
UK HMRC has information available here:
And more information here:

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What are tarrifs?
Tariffs are Customs Import Duties (taxes) collected on imports. They are collected on imports to encourage people to stop sending money outside of their country and to keep people buying local instead of buying from abroad. 

What is due varies in different countries... Import Duty is due in all countries... In the UK and the EU there is import duty to pay and then there is VAT (Value Added Tax) to pay as well.

Trade agreements between some contries dispense with Import Duty. Trade agreements will set quotas on how much goods can be traded at a lower tariff than normal. It is a very complex subject.

Countries who are members of the European Union and the Common Market have frictionless trading between other EU Countries which means Import Duty & VAT are not collected on any sales between those countires.

Imports into the EU from outside the EU are subject to Import Duty + VAT.

Imports into the UK from outside the UK are subject to Import Duty + VAT.

Imports into Norway from outside Norway are subject to Import Duty + VAT.

Imports into the UK from Europe, and imports into the EU from the UK, thanks to the last minute UK/EU trade deal, are only subject to Import VAT. VAT is not due in the seller's country. VAT will be due in the buyer country. You will not pay VAT to the seller unless he is registered for VAT in your country. More on that below.


When is Import Duty / VAT paid?
Import duty/VAT may be due on goods imported from abroad when they arrive in your country.

Simple answer, the buyer pays Import Duty + VAT when the goods are imported into his country, normally this is collected by the postman or the courier company delivering the goods.

Longer answer... in some cases where companies frequently bring in lorries full of goods, they may sign up for EORI which allows the goods to travel unhindered. Both buyer and seller need to be registered for EORI - this is only viable if you shift large quantaties of goods on a regular basis. In some cases VAT registered buyers can defer paying the VAT... since that VAT will be collected and then recovered, paying it and claiming it back becomes pointless... UK authorites allow the UK buyer to enter the overseas purchase into his VAT books as a REVERSE CHARGE (more on this below - see Commercial Invoice)... entering it as both Input VAT and Output VAT in his return, thus cancelling itself out. This is more or less identical to how UK buyers used to report Intra-EU sales while the UK was a member of the Common Market. (We are trying to find out if EU buyers can also do this - it isn't clear to us yet. If you know anything about this please let us know.)

Thanks to the UK/EU Trade Agreement, in most cases Import Duty is not due on goods bought from the EU and imported into the UK, nor on goods bought from the UK and imported into the EU, but Import VAT is still due in the buyer's country. If the goods were manufactured outside of the UK or the EU, and in the absense of a trade agreement with that country, then Import duty MAY be due...

In some circumstances, a seller in France who sells frequently to the UK, would be expected to register for VAT in the UK and collect UK VAT directly from the buyer, but only if the UK buyer is NOT VAT registered in the UK. This would allow the goods to arrive in the UK unhindered by the customs authorities. It also saves the courier from having to collect the VAT due thus saving on costs.


Who pays Import Duty?
The buyer pays import duty and import VAT if either or both apply.


What is Brexit and does it impact me?

Brexit is the departure of the UK from the EU. The UK is no longer a member of the Common Market which facilited frictionless trade.

While the UK was a member of the European Union and a member of the Common Market, goods could flow freely without checks and without any duties and in most cases without VAT being levied. Free of customs and free of paperwork.

Now that the UK has left the European Union it has lost its trade deals with many countries and lost frictionless trading with the other EU 27 member countries.

The UK is now classed as a Third Country and has to follow World Trade Organisation Rules.

The UK/EU Trade Deal does mean that there is no import duty on sales from the UK to the EU on goods manufactured in the UK and the EU. And likewise in reverse, no imprt duty on goods imported into the UK from the EU which have been manufactured in the UK or the EU.

EU/UK transactions which involve the sale of goods from third countries will be subject to Import VAT - For example, if you are in the EU and you buy goods from the UK which were manufactured in the USA, say a Portabrace Bag, then you will pay Import Duty + VAT in your country on your purchase.

Northern Ireland has remained within the Common Market... transactions between Northern Ireland and the EU will carry on as they have done in the past. No change there!

Since Northern Ireland is still occupied by the British, VAT will remain as normal on all transactions between the UK and Northern Ireland.


Should I get an EORI number? And Why?

Simply put, if you are buying from abroad, YES

So, simply put, if you are in the UK and buy from any other country... get an EORI number.

Or, if you are in the EU and buy from outside the EU (including the UK), get an EORI number.

EORI “Economic Operators Registration and Identification number” is a global scheme.

Joining EORI in your country will allow your purchases to proceed through customs unhindered... think of it like getting a driving licence/passport for the parcels you purchase.

Sign up for EORI in the UK here:

List of EU Customs websites here:

More information on EORI

Find out more about EORI here:

EORI eLearning course:

Check if you need to make an EORI declaration here:


I have a business in England or Wales. Should I get a Norhtern Ireland VAT number? What about an XI EORI?


If you are selling goods in Northern Ireland to EU VAT registered business then you should get a Northern Ireland VAT number, this will simplify the movement of goods in or out of Northern Ireland to the EU.

HMRC Info on Trading goods in Northern Ireland:


If you are moving goods to or from England or Wales and Northern Ireland then you need an XI EORI number

More information HERE:


What do I need to do when I send goods abroad? Also, what is a Commercial Invoice? (This does not apply if both buyer and seller are within the EU)

FACT CHECK - Some sellers seem to think we have made up these requirements - that we are somehow wrong... we provide links below to UPS and ParcelForce, these simplified instructions were complled from the instructions provided by UPS and ParcelForce... we have been shipping all over the globe since 1997. We obtained instructions on how to export from UK Customs and Excise then. Exporting rules are based on international laws (World Trade Organisation) and they are still mostly the same now as they were then. Here in the UK, before Brexit they applied only to exports to outside of the European Common Market. Now, post Brexit, they apply to ALL exports from the UK. Please scorll down and check the ADVICE ON SENDING GOODS ABROAD links to fact check our instructions.

The following has been an attempt by us to simplify and explain in plain English what needs to be done when exporting goods. If you have any suggestions how to imporve the following please do get in touch. We will be glad to hear from you. Thank you. :-)


If you need any help with any of the following please drop us a line via the enquiry page, we are always happy to check your customs documentation - we much rather answer your questions and check documents than things go wrong/parcels get delayed or returned and especially the risks of buyers paying extra fees because of mistakes made by sellers.


Exporting isn't too difficult... If you are within the EU and selling to another country in the EU you don't need to do anything special. You will need to understand EU VAT rules - see our VAT page for a video on EU VAT. Other than that it is straightforward.

NB. The following applies on all exports you make if you are in the UK... and on all exports outside of the EU if you are located within the EU, if you are in a country other than the UK please find your local customs labels and comply with the Value rules for which label you need to use for your country.

When sending any goods from your country to any other country you will need a CN22 or a CN23 label.

Transactions up to £270 sent from the UK require a CN22 label (here)

Transactions over £270 sent from the UK require a CN23 label (here)

You will need to make some alterations to your sales invoice.

Replace the words Sales Invoice (Factura) on your sales invoice with


A commercial invoice needs three bits of information added to it which you would not have on a normal sales invoice.

  • You need to state the NET weight (weight of goods without packing materials) of the goods, weigh them with a kitchen scales, does not have to be precise.
  • You need to state the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN of the goods. This would be where the goods were manufactured.
  • You need to state the HS Tariff (Customs Tariff) of the Goods.

For example, selling a Sennheiser MKH416, if the label says 'Made In Germany' the country of origin would be Germany, we believe the Tariff code for microphones to be: 8518100090


You can look up Customs Tariff Codes here:

PLEASE NOTE - CVP have a useful page of common film and tv industry commodity codes here -

We will add examples of tariff codes as we learn them... below.... here


Place all four copies in a clear zip lock envelope and attach it to the outside of the parcel so the document within can be read by anyone handling the parcel. Do not obscure the commercial invoice, it has to face out.
Example of a suitable Zip Lock Envelope for Documents - or

Place one more copy inside the parcel for the buyer if you wish.

You need to provide four copies because

  • The shipper will take one or more for the manifest of the truck carrying the parcel.
  • Customs in the country of import will take one copy for their records.
  • That leaves one spare copy.

The weight information is for government use. It is used for international trade quotas... quotas are based on tonnage of goods per annum imported into countries.

Country of Origin is where the goods were manufactured. For example, if it says Made In Germany, Sennheiser Headquarters is in Germany, then country of origin is Germany - Country of origin is not where you send the goods from!

Tariff codes help customs to charge the buyer the correct import duty at the time of import. If you do not provide a Tariff Code, customs may charge the buyer a default import duty of 40%!!! This would be unfair on the buyer. Please find and use the correct tariff code. for example, the import duty on Microphones in the UK is 0%!

NB ADVICE FROM CUSTOMS BROKERS - KEEP IT SIMPLE. Only use Commodity Codes for the major items... A Camera and accessories will normally fall under the commodity code of the Camera (accessories are normally a sub commodity code and will be treated the same). Similar a Radio Mic Kit, use the commodity code for the major item, Radio Microphone and accessories: 8527130000. Don't list every item in the shipment.




Example Tariff Codes

Check also CVP Website for List of common codes -

Microphones: 8518100090 -

Radio Microphones: 8527130000 -

Sound Mixers: 8519890000 -

Sound Recorders: 8519810090 -

Audio/Video (Data) processors - 8471900000 -

Two Way Radio (including amateur radio) - 8517693000 -

Tripods 9620001000 -

Lenses - Commodity Codes

You would have to search for the correct commodity code as per the spec of the lens in question. Angle of field of view, motorised zoom etc all impact on the HS code - here in the UK Import duty on all lenses is 0%

Expand "For cameras, projectors or photographic enlargers or reducers" at the above page to search sub categories.


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Where can I check legal radio microphone frequencies for the UK? (Updated Oct 2016, checked, still valid, Dec 2020)
OFCOM are responsible for managing UK spectrum. You can find lists of UK radio mic frequencies (Licence Excempt as well as the Shared and Coordinated frequencies) on the OFCOM PMSE website.

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