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'Since 1993. The market place for sales of good, used professional audio, broadcast, film, photographic, television, radio and video equipment'
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14 Mehefin 2024

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LightingCases And BagsVideo CamerasTripodsVideo Monitors
Lenses VideoLensesVideo DistributionAudio MiscellaneousBatteries And Chargers
Lenses FilmMiscellaneousVideo Recorders And PlayersFilm MiscellaneousVideo Cameras - Dvcam/dvcpro
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Commission is not charged on VAT, or any other taxes. Nor is commission charged on shipping costs. Commission is only charged on the agreed price for which an item is sold. There is a minimum charge of 1GBP. Please see the table below for rates.

The vendor pays commission on any sale through BB List .
The buyer does not pay us commission.
We do not charge VAT on commission.

Minimum commission is 1GBP

Escrow Only (BB List Payment Protection Service Only)

If you have found a buyer and only wish to use our Escrow service to provide peace of mind to you and your buyer then that service is available at a flat 4% rate. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements. Thank you.

Commission Rates

Selling Price GBP
From:- To:-
10% 0.00 £
2,999.99 £
8% 3,000.00 £
9,999.99 £
6% 10,000.00 £
99,999.99 £
5% 100,000.00 £
+ £


Selling Price EURO
From:- To:-
10% 0.00 € 3,409.99 €
8% 3,405.00 € 11,349.99 €
6% 11,350.00 € 113,499.99 €
5% 113,500.00 € + €


Selling Price USD
From:- To:-
10% 0.00 $ 3794.99 $
8% 3,795.00 $ 12,649.99 $
6% 12,650.00 $ 126,499.99 $
5% 126,500.00 $ + $


1 Listings in the Wanted section FREE
2 Listings in the For Sale section FREE
3 Amendments to listings FREE
4 Withdrawal of listing FREE
5 Images for display with your listing. (You must provide them and upload them)
We may charge £1.50 per image, if we either upload images for you or we have to manipulate any images. This fee would be added to our commission.


Payment Protection Service included for ALL transactions
An advertising fee of (€15) £10 will be charged for non compliance of the Terms as stated in paragraphs 9, 10 and 11 of the Terms and Conditions of Business. All payments must be in pounds sterling. 10GBP